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The Monthly M.E.T.A.


What were all about: James and Yusif are two guys who want to encourage people towards achievement. Both with very different educations and fields of specialization, the two minds come together to display conversation about real topics and events going on in the world today.

James(Kaizen Ikigai):

Education & Specializations:

Engineering - Chemical specialization. 

Hobbies & Lifestyle:

Reading, Music, Anime, Gaming, Philosophy, Medicine, Fitness, Cooking, Psychology, Research, Teaching.  

Yusif(Joe King Media):

Education & Specializations: 

Graphic Design - both education and experience. Specialize in branding 
Culinary Arts - Been a head chef, and had a lengthy career in fine dining. 
Account Management - Currently runs a brand development service. 

Hobbies & Lifestyle:

Diagnosed with Chron's disease Yusif would like to promote health in nature, and is working on his own personal health improvement journey. Enjoys making art, gaming, twitch streaming, and charity fundraising.  

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